Shared Reading: A Good Citizen

This week we are learning about citizenship. This ties nicely into the question we have been exploring in our class since the first day of school:  How can you be a good member of our school family?

Here is a copy of our shared reading this weeK: A Good Citizen

The staff at Winona regularly promote being a good citizen and this is a topic often discussed at school.  Please take some time to look over the poem and see what your family already does to be good citizens in our community and what things you can try to incorporate into your lives.  Some ideas we have discussed in class so far are:
-buying big containers of yogurt and using reusable containers to serve lunches in instead of lots of little containers
-donating all used clothes to the places that collect them
-cleaning up litter at the local park
-joining in on community events and getting to know the neighbours
-holding the door for people behind you at the store

Here is a song we are singing to help us understand this concept more.  There are some American references but we be sure to speak to what this looks like in Canada!

Here is a Youtube video of a Citizenship Book:

Shared Reading: All About You

As our GEM book Little Nelly’s Big Book taught us, Curiosity always leads to more learning! So if we want to learn more, we need to be curious, and if we are curious then we need to ask questions. This weeks shared reading is all about asking questions and our word wall words are words that we use to start a question.

All About You


This week we have been looking at the question words: who, what, where, how, when, why

By asking questions about another member of our school family, we are beginning to learn more about each other and life outside of school.  Although we are all part of the same school family, sharing similar experiences and responsibilities, our experiences, roles and responsibilities often change when we are not at school and as we grow up.

You can be talking to your child about how roles and responsibilities change over time and in different situations.
-How your own roles and responsibilities are the same or different as your child’s when you were their age.
-How your roles and responsibilities have changed as parents throughout the different stages of your child’s life.
-How your child’s roles and responsibilities have changed throughout their life.
-How experiences such as a birth, a death, a divorce, a wedding or new relationship, a change of homes, or even a new pet affect the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the family and how they feel about that.
-How roles and responsibilities change within the home and community throughout the year as the seasons change.

This weeks word family is:  ake family

Shared Reading: A Bed In The Leaves

This week we will continue to explore the season of autumn and how our 5 senses help us to learn about the living things in the changing world around us by reading the poem posted below for shared reading.

A Bed In The Leaves

Our word family this week is the ed Familyed Family

In phonics this week will continue to practice blends and then using the Chunky Monkey strategy when we see a blend or word family ‘chunk.’ Please click on the Phonics Videos tag or HERE to review the blend videos.

Shared Reading: Ok Blue Jays!

This week for shared reading we will be cheering for the Jays!  The children have been really excited about the games so we thought that it would be a fantastic idea to tie our shared reading to the children’s excitement.

We will be continuing to review the reading strategies:

  1. Eagle Eye
  2. Stretchy Snake
  3. Flippy Dolphin

We will be introducing a strategy that is very helpful for children called Chunky Monkey! Over the next several weeks and months we will be exploring blend, digraphs, diphthongs, r-controlled vowels and other “chunks” found in words! As the children develop this skill they will move away from strictly using “Stretching Snake” (sounding out letter by letter) into chunking sounds together to become more fluent readers. Look for tips, games and videos to help your child move to this next stage in their reading development coming to the blog soon! Some children take longer to move from sounding out letter by letter to chunking groups of letters so please just observe how your child is reading and maybe tackle a few new words together using the “Chunky Monkey” strategy so that it becomes familiar! 


Here is a link to our poem/chant: OK Blue Jays!

Our word family this week is the -all family!  OK Blue Jays is filled with lots of word family chunks we will be exploring also! See if you can find some “Chunky Monkey” in the poem!


Check out the video!

Shared Reading: My Apple Tree

The children have been very excited about the changes they are seeing in the world around them this month and they are learning to satisfy this curiosity by formulating good questions for us to investigate. When I was outside last week, many of the students at the school were asking me about the changing colours of the leaves. Apple harvest is an exciting time during the season of fall and I found this poem for shared reading this week about a tree through the seasons that I thought would answer some of the questions that the children have. I have also been telling the students that Thursday is my favourite day of the week because the ‘th’ sound lets me stick out my tongue. Many of our word wall words also have the ‘th’ sound and are in the poem.

My Apple Tree

This week we will do the following activities with the poem:
– We will talk about the meanings and “Google” the words bare and blossoms.

-We will discuss that it is important to think while you read so that you understand what you are reading. The children will use evidence from the text to draw the tree they read about in four different seasons.
-We will discuss poetry and rhyming words.

Our Word Family this week is the -ing Family

-ing Family

Watch this apple video with your child and talk about the new vocabulary introduced.

Shared Reading: Apple Tree

This week’s shared reading is a big book of a song called Apple Tree. We will continue to talk about the reading strategies below and we will begin learning about some tricky vowel rules!

  1. Eagle Eye (use picture clues to help you understand the story)
  2. Stretchy Snake (sound out the letters)
  3. Flippy Dolphin (if the word doesn’t make sense try the other sound the vowel makes)

Some of the words from the song are posted below.

Apple Tree

This book and song are filled with great learning opportunities.  It will help the children continue to connect to the concept of the four seasons that we are using our 5 senses to explore this year in first grade. This song is about a family using apples picked during harvest time in the fall to create different apple products.  The life cycle of an apple is also explored in this big book which help the children connect to the concept of living things and what they need to survive. Thanksgiving weekend is coming up and it might be a fun time to go apple picking and make some of the apple products the children sing about this week during shared reading.

We will be exploring words that make up the -ee family. Click below for -ee family words. Can you find the -ee chunk in any of the books you read at home? 

-ee Word Family

Here is a video to explore about the life cycle of an apple tree.  Watch the videos and try to find other trees or plants that follow this cycle!

Shared Reading: Me!

This week for shared reading we will be continuing to work on the four reading strategies we have talked about this year.

     1. Eagle Eye (look at the pictures)
2. Stretchy Snake (sound out the letters and blend them together)
3. The Popcorn Song
4. Flippy Dolphin (if the word doesn’t sound right use another sound the vowel makes)

We will also be talking about the number words in the poem: one, two, three, four, five, six

Here is the link to our poem: Me!

Have your child use the mouse to point to each word as he or she reads the poem!

  1. Can your child find the popcorn words: was   I   me   am   and ?
  2. Can your child locate the number words? Can he or she print the number words on paper? Maybe he or she can text them to a family member?

Shared Reading: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

This week during Shared Reading we will continue to talk about the strategies we can use when we are reading.

  1. Eagle Eye (Look At The Picture)
  2. Stretchy Snake (Sound out the letters)
  3. The Popcorn Song 

    This week we have added a new strategy: 

  4. Flippy Dolphin (Try the other vowel sound if the word doesn’t sound right when you are using stretchy snake).Here are some videos to help your child practice the 2 different sounds each vowel makes.


We are also working on the Word Family -at this week. Below you will find our -at family words. Please have your child practice reading these words. Point out words that contain the -at chunk while you are reading to your child this week!

at family


Our poem this week is below. Have your child follow along with the mouse as he or she reads. Here are some activities to do with your child:

1. Can you find the vowels (a/e/i/o/u) and say their short and long sound?
2. Can you find an -at family word hiding in the poem? Can you make a list of other -at       family words?

One Two Buckle My Shoe


Shared Reading: The Wheels on The Bus

Today we did our first shared reading poem. The children figured out that our shared reading poem was The Wheels On The Bus by using strategies such as:

1. Looking for Popcorn Words.
2. Sounding out the letters. (Stretchy Snake Strategy)
3. Looking at the pictures. (Eagle Eye Strategy)

I was amazed at how every child participated in the shared reading following along with my pointer.

Here is a copy of our poem:

Here is a copy of the Popcorn Song for review and for our new families to Winona. The song is sung starting with like and you go down the columns. The song is sung to Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Popcorn Song

Here is a videolink to Alphardy which will help your child review his or her letter sounds!