Shared Reading: My Apple Tree

We have been exploring the concept of change and more importantly we have been learning that when things change in our environment it usually affects us so we have to change too! For instance as the seasons change we may need to change how we dress or we may even need to change some of the fun activities that we do outside! This poem we have been reading for shared reading is about the effect changing seasons has on an apple tree.

Click the title to open a link to our poem.

My Apple Tree

We will do the following activities with the poem:
– We will talk about the meanings and use “Google Images” to gain a better understanding of the  words bare and blossoms.

-We will discuss that it is important to think while you read so that you understand what you are reading. The children will use evidence from the text to draw the tree they read about in four different seasons.
-We will discuss poetry and rhyming words.
-We will look at different trees and see how the life cycles compare to the apple tree.
-We will find “Chunks” in the words to help us read them: ch/ing/all//er/br/st/gr/tr/sn 

Our Word Family this week is the -ed Family. 


Watch this apple video with your child and talk about the new vocabulary introduced. (click the bolded words above)

Here is a video about the seasons.

Here is a video that shows a group of trees through all four seasons.

Shared Reading: Dishy-Washy

This week for shared reading we are reading about Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s husband Mr. Wishy-Washy and how he helps inside the house by doing the dishes! We will continue to use Eagle Eye, Stretchy Snake and Chunky Monkey to read the words. We will also start to look at some tricky vowel sounds!

Here is our story:

We will explore the -ot word family this week!

We have been practicing looking for and writing the digraph th and the digraph sh. This week we will practice printing and making the sound of the digraph ch.
Here are some videos about ch below:

Here is a game you can play about the digraph ch:

ch game

Mrs. Wishy-Washy

This week we are reading another book about Mrs. Wishy-Washy. This book has lots of Popcorn Words and a few “chunks”! We had to use our Eagle Eye, Stretchy Snake and Chunky Monkey strategy to read this story!

Our word family this week is the -ig family.

Here is a poster we practiced sounding out the “-ig” chunk!

Here is an -ig family song!

Click below to play this -ig family game on Starfall!
-ig Family Game

Mrs. Wishy-Washy has the digraph “sh” in her name! Here are some videos to help us remember the “sh” sound!

Shared Reading: Fall Leaves

This week for shared reading we did a poem. We learned that poems are just like books. They tell a story but often without pictures and they sometimes use fanciful language to describe something. Our poem this week is:

Aiden quickly realized “this poem is about the season of fall, they used the word happily dancing down to talk about the leaves falling off of the trees.” We are starting to look at a new reading strategy when we read the word brown in this poem. The new strategy is called Chunky Monkey! The word brown begins with a blend Liam said, just like brush. Chunky Monkey is a strategy we can use when we see blends (two consonants that are blended together but each sound is heard) and word families. We can also use it when we see little words hiding inside big words! Digraphs (ch sh wh th ph wr) are chunks too!

We decided to make a list of colour words for our writing centre today as well! In Grade 1 we turtle talk to write, just like in Kindergarten but there are some words we have to learn to write correctly by the end of the year. For the rest of the year the children are encouraged to use this chart as a resource when writing the colour words in their work! This skill takes time to develop and it is hoped by the end of the year many of these words will be stored in their hippocampus so that they can quickly write them down!

Shared Reading: Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Tub

This week for Shared Reading will be reading the first book in a Big Book reading series about Mrs. Wishy-Washy! We will be using all of the skills we have practiced during the first part of the year to read and find out what Mrs. Wishy-Washy does in each of the books!

Our Word Family

A word family is a group of words that all have the same spelling pattern. These videos below are about the -ub family!