Syllable Videos & Games

We have been talking about breaking words into syllables in order to turtle talk longer words more accurately during writing activities.  Here is a video we watched to help the children understand the concept of syllables.  Ask your child my favourite way of doing syllables. It wasn’t shown in the video.

Here are some games you can play to help your child understand more about syllables.  Be careful he/she doesn’t confuse breaking words into syllables with breaking words into individual sounds(Turtle Talking).  If you happen to come across any other syllable games online or any apps for the Ipad let me know so I can add them here!

Syllable Game #1

Syllable Game #2


The -ing Family

This week we will be focussing on using the -ing sound while reading and writing.  Here are some videos to support our learning.

The video below is about the use of ing and the different rules to follow when adding the ending.

Here is a link to many -ing words we are working with in class.

-ing words