Using Ten Frames

At school have been using a 10 Frame as a tool for representing numbers.  Please take some time to watch the first video as it explains the concept of a 10 Frame for parents. The last 2 videos are games to play.  As your child gets better at understanding numbers represented on the 10 Frame he or she will be able to get more of the answers correct in the game videos without having to count each section of the 10 Frame.

Numbers In The Teens

I have noticed that some of the children have been mixing up numbers in the “teens.”  Here are some practical ways you can help your child learn to recognize these and all numbers to 100.

-while watching your favourite sporting event on TV point out the numbers on the jerseys

-while trying to locate a tv show in the tv guide ask “What channel is that on?”

-while out for a walk play games with the numbers on houses: What number would that house be if it was one less/2 less? What number would that house be if it was 2 more/1 more?  What number would that house be if you added all the numbers in the house number together?

-while at the grocery store look at the prices and read them together; some children are ready to start adding or taking away one or two cents or even a dollar

Here are some videos about the “teen numbers.”