The Parts of the Brain

Today we began our journey into the world of mindfulness! One of our goals in Grade 1 is to learn not only to recognize when our bodies and brains are not calm, but to also learn what to do to keep our bodies calm and ready to learn! This mindfulness journey is one your child will be on throughout their entire life and I encourage all of my students’ families to join our class in this journey and practice being more mindful in our very busy world!

Today we learned about three parts of the brain! We looked at the poster below and at a video about how to make a brain with our hands. The song in the video posted at the end will remind us of these three parts of the brain and introduces the term Core Practice which is a breathing technique we will be using to help keep our brains and bodies calm and ready to learn.

The prefrontal cortex is the wise leader and helps us make decisions.  It is the learning, reasoning and thinking centre of the brain.

The amygdala is the security guard and keeps us safe. It regulates our our emotions. When we are in a positive emotional state, the amygdala sends incoming information to the prefrontal cortex. When a child is in a negative state (stressed or fearful) the amygdala prevents the input from passing along to the prefrontal cortex and instead the amygdala processes the information in an automatic reflexive response of “fight, flight, or freeze.”

The hippocampus is the memory saver and allows us to learn. It also helps us manage our response to fear and threats.