Shared Reading: How I Know It’s Fall!

Fall weather seems to have finally arrived so we will observe the changes in the world outside our classroom wonder window and we will also be learning about the changes we see during our Shared Reading of this poem below.  

We will continue to review the reading strategies Eagle Eye and Stretchy Snake but we will be focussing on Chunky Monkey and Flippy Dolphin! Click on the Phonics Videos Tag to review these skills with your child.


Our word family this week is the -ay family.

-ay Family

Budding Artists! 

img_2456I bought this pot of chrysanthemums on the weekend after seeing how the children responded to the sunflowers Jake’s mom dropped off. The kids had been using clay with the art teacher Mrs. Leary so I got some and demonstrated some new techniques they hadn’t used before. Through out this week several kids tried to create their own version of the mums!A special shout out to Avery for taking the pictures.